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TSM's Story

The Suitstainable Man is a purveyor of sartorial, avant-garde pieces, championing artisanal craftsmanship, innovative designs, enduring materials, and sustainability.


The Suitstainable Man was founded by Linus Chu, who has degrees in International Relations, Environmental Policy, and Law. A slow fashion proponent, as well as a seasoned connoisseur of bespoke tailoring and handcrafted pieces, Linus launched TSM as a classic menswear blog in 2018, discussing all matters concerning style, craftsmanship, and sustainability. In time, it evolved into the purveyor and design firm of today.

Our Approach

On Sustainability: Sustainability is undeniably an overused buzzword with no clear definition. At TSM, our ethos is to design and curate in close consideration of the environmental, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability. We make our very best attempt in delivering products that are not only purposeful and tasteful, but also salubrious to the people, ecosystems, and cultural practices who are involved in the process.

On Connoisseurship: Connoisseurship is often easily mistaken as pretension. At TSM, we take pride in calling ourselves connoisseurs of what we are inspired by and what we produce. We view connoisseurship as the antithesis of trends. We believe that it is the very essence of not compromising for less that makes one intrinsically more appreciative of the pieces he or she ultimately obtain; and, in turn, holding onto the pieces for longer. It is in our nature to work with artisans with high standards of technical excellence and formulate meaningful pieces that are admired and treasured by our patrons.

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