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Arkhé Collection

Arkhé Collection is an independent design firm with a background in bespoke tailoring that brings a contemporary take to traditional designs from around the globe while championing ethical business practices.

Arkhé Collection

A Contemporary Take

Paying homage to the cultural and historical origins of clothing while emphasizing functionality, Arkhé Collection sets out to create well-made, essential garments for everyday women and men.


Technical Excellence

A meticulous attention to detail is applied at every stage of the making, from the cutting of the fabric to the stitching of the seams. Details are hand-finished to extend the lifetime of the garments where possible.

Arkhé Collection

Ethical Commitment

'Made in China' does not equate to underpaid and overworked workers. Arkhé Collection artisans are never worked overtime and are supported with above-market wages and respect. 

Arkhé Collection for The Suitstainable Man

Designer Dennis Tian
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