The Suitstainable Man is the nuanced voice in promoting style and craftsmanship from a sustainability perspective, founded by environmental law, policy, and technology researcher Linus Chu.

Being a classic menswear enthusiast and a sustainability advocate himself, Linus has always felt there is more to the seemingly incompatible nature between fashion and sustainability. From his point of view, while the former often embodies the pinnacle of human creativity, it is often not executed in an eco-conscious manner. As for the latter, for all of its good intentions, it has either been done through a black-and-white utilitarian manner or become convoluted that the term does not mean anything.


His answer is to bring together these two through a holistic approach.

He is a strong supporter of slow fashion and the ‘revival of the artisanal’ narrative. He advocates that by first pursuing a style that one considers to be personal and then investing in eco-consciously made quality garments, one could be a step closer to reaching a sustainable lifestyle.


As a matter of fact, he is also particularly keen on all things revolving around tailoring and crafted goods. After all, they are something that not only has withstood the test of time but are also made in the most environmentally and socially responsible mindset.

At The Suitstainable Man, you can find articles on different artisans and brands, as well as guides on different menswear topics. You can also find a carefully curated selection of goods made by artisans we work closely with and brands that share the same ethos.