The Suitstainable Man is the nuanced voice in promoting craftsmanship from a sustainability perspective, founded by content creator Linus Chu.


Being a menswear enthusiast and an environmentalist, Linus has always found the seemingly antagonistic dynamics between fashion and environmentalism misleading. He believes this relationship need not be a hostile one, but rather a mutually-benefitting one.


He is a strong supporter of slow fashion. He advocates that by investing in good-quality and preferably timeless pieces; not only could we make better purchasing decisions for our wardrobe, but more importantly we have less of the necessity to acquire new items every season, thus ultimately having a more sustainable lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, he is particularly keen on all things revolving around classic menswear; not just because of the element of timelessness, but also because of the heritage and craftsmanship behind them.


At The Suitstainable Man, you would be able to find articles on different artisans and brands, as well as guides on different menswear topics.


Please enjoy.


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