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City Weekend Look #1

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

One of the most common concerns that I hear from you guys is that, you all wanted to try dressing up a bit nicer, yet at the same time being afraid from standing out from your peers too much. This inspired me to launch a new series of blog post -- 'City Weekend Look'.

In this new collection, I would be introducing you all to different outfits that could bridge the gap between semi-formal and casual outfits; or in other words 'smart casual'. Hopefully, this series of blog posts could encourage you to break the comfort zone and try dressing up a bit nicer.

My first outfit for this collection is heavily inspired by Drake's relaxed elegance, or as they call it -- 'sartorially informed yet easy-wearing.'

To begin with, even though I am wearing a navy printed tie from Drake's that would increase the overall formality of the outfit; because I am tying it a Four-in-hand-knot, it still gives a more relaxed image that would not be found with a Windsor knot.

Regarding my choice for the shirt and the trousers, I decided to go with something in lighter color so that it could be more causal. For this outfit especially, I am pairing a sky-blue and white informalist shirt from Turnbull & Asser with the trousers from my cream linen-cotton suit from Suitsupply. Once again, these two pieces of clothing themselves are very versatile and should be owned by every man down the road.

With regards to my choice for the outerwear and the shoes; at first glance, bomber jacket and brown oxford shoes may sound completely unmatched with each other. However, when they are put together in this outfit, they truly bridges the gap between formality and casualness.

In this picture, I am wearing a navy bomber jacket from Paul Smith. Due to the fact that the fabric is made of a durable Loro Piana Storm System® wool, it is water-repellent yet at the same time very breathable -- highly suitable for the rainy weather in London. For the shoes, I decided to wear a medium brown oxfords from Cheaney (In fact I will be writing an article on this pair of shoes so please look forward to that!)

All in all, the simpleness of the bomber jacket and the oxfords is the reason why the pattern of the shirt and the tie could stand out without having attention to be diverted.

Do you like how I match the outfit? Comment down below to share your thoughts!


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