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Review - London Sock Company

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Socks -- one of the most overlooked aspect in a man's attire. One may argue that socks would always come secondary to other parts of the outfit for a person, yet it is always these small details that distinguish a well-dressed man from the others.

Today, I would like to share with you all a sock company that I recently discovered. Not only am I amazed by its outstanding design, but also by its superb quality. I present you -- London Sock Company.

First of all, a little bit background history on the company. Founding London Sock Company as a start-up back in 2003, Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard aimed to develop a brand that focuses on making high quality socks in a 'socially responsible way, and to help men navigate the stormy waters of fashion.'

An interesting fact that motivated them to found the company was that at the times where wearing neckties is less common, people do pay more attention on one's socks; similar to what I said from above. Apart from that, they also provide style tips for their customers regularly; and have since partnered with menstyle specialist David Gandy with special edition socks.

With London Sock Company, you would never find novelty socks. This is because they believe only by wearing stylish, high-quality socks could a modern man look professional and outstanding.

Matching the Ottaway Style Burnt Orange with a pair of white chinos

Switching to wearing socks from London Sock Company makes me realize how inadequate my old novelty socks are. Through my personal experience I could tell that despite providing a personal touch to a man's outfit, novelty socks are most definitely in poorer quality than what you could find at London Sock Company.

Additionally, with these socks being more elegant; you could really feel like you have left behind that childishness by wearing novelty socks and elevate your stylishness for a degree or two.

Based on their simplistic design, you could pretty much match the socks with anything in your closet. One thing that Ryan and Dave kept in their mind when they started the company is to create socks that could be worn in different occasions, whether business or casual.

In this post, I am featuring its 6-Pair Ottaway Style Sock Collection created by the company's resident menswear stylist Joe Ottaway. The collection is a true reflection on British heritage style, as demonstrated by the unique houndstooth, herringbone and tartan patterns.

Matching the Ottaway Style Red with black jeans for a more casual look

London Sock Company is definitely a brand to check out. Its elegance and versatility is what wins me over my old novelty socks. With all being said, you could press here to get a £15 off for your first purchase!

Let me know which pair of socks you have rewarded yourself with! Comment down below on your thoughts and I'll get back to you!


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