Nashville: Highlights and To-gos

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

If there is one thing which made last year a little bit more exciting than this year, it would be my time spent in Boston in Autumn. And, it might seem strange for me to say that since I truly enjoy staying in London over anywhere else.

With that said, I had some wonderful time in the East Coast meeting all sorts of interesting and knowledgable persons, as well as visiting some places which I never would have thought that I would visit, such as Cape Cod.

Nonetheless, if I really have to name a highlight out of those four months, it would be my brief yet memorable journey to Nashville.

In today's article, let's go back in time and revisit the Tennessee capital once more.

To begin with, I must say, although Nashville is quite small as a city, it actually offers much more than you otherwise would have thought.

From tasting a Southerner version of Bloody Mary (probably infused with pickle brine and garlic) and some spicy and salty fried chicken waffles, to visiting walking along the iconic street of Broadway; the amount of activities you could do in the capital of country music is simply limitless.

And as you might have guessed it; as a loyal fan of the legend Johnny Cash, I particularly enjoyed visiting the museum designated to honor his contribution to the Country Music industry.

It was particularly touching, especially, when the rhythm of the iconic song -- 'Hurt' circulates around the exit (video above); marking a conclusion to Cash's tremendous legacy and echoing his artworks from all those years.

With that said, while there is no doubt that the Johnny Cash Museum would definitely be one of the best attractions which you could possibly visit in Nashville; I would like to introduce you to three fascinating destinations which you would only know about if you are guided by a local.

The first one on the list is Barista Parlor, a newly established local coffee shop chain.

From what it identifies its goals as, the chain seeks 'the betterment of coffee for all mankind, sourcing with an emphasis on clarity, roasting with an emphasis on sweetness, and brewing with a focus on framing both of these qualities in a beautiful cup, in a physical space where commerce and art intersect.'

As cheesy as the description may sound, Barista Parlor has actually done a brilliant job in promoting local farms, businesses, and bakeries with their 'made in Tennessee' products.

On top of that, it also collaborates with local Nashville artists in featuring their artwork, transforming itself into a truly creative art space.

One thing that worths pointing out is that each of its chain has a different name as well as a different theme; so the one I've visited (the Germantown one) has a completely different layout than the other ones. You should definitely visit them all if you are in town.

Learn more about Barista Parlor at

Barista Parlor x Germantown address: 1230 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208, USA

Next in the line is a clothing (and perhaps lifestyle) store named Peter Nappi.

While it certainly offers a great variety of apparels today, the origin of the premium footwear brand could be traced back to the Italian shoemaker, the late Peter Nappi.

When he emigrated from Southern Italy to the United States, Peter Nappi brought along a family tradition in shoemaking that dates back for more than a century, which would later inspired his grandson to officially establishing the brand in 2011.

Today, Peter Nappi footwear and leather goods are renowned for having a distinctive blend of Italian heritage and American personality.

Their vintage boots (picture above), in particular, are something you should keep an eye on if you are fond of the Southerner-aesthetic. On top of that, they also offer a premium line which the boots are all hand-sewn. You could be assured that the longevity as well as the craft is certainly promising.

If you happen to be visiting Germantown in Nashville, make sure you check out their studio, a showroom built in the shell of a former industrial boiler room filled with antique, mid-century like furnitures.

To learn more about Peter Nappi, check out

Showroom address: 1308 Adams St, Nashville, TN 37208, USA

Last but not least is Pancake Pantry.

Believe it or not, this pancake restaurant is actually one of the most popular spot for the locals. In fact, every morning you would see a line that wraps around the building, fills with diners who just want to enjoy the delicious pancakes.

Likewise, I went there early in the morning on my last day in Nashville. In fact, I was very fortunate since I arrived before the queue began so I just went straight to ordering the peach pancakes that you could see from the picture above. I can only say, it is truly satisfying.

Check out Pancake Pantry via

Address: 1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212, USA

Short but fulfilling, My time in Nashville is certainly well-spent. Hopefully I would be able to visit his country music capital again, and explore the city in greater depth.

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