Whisky, Sheeps, and Views: Pt I

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Exterior of Skyeskyns

Whisky, Sheeps, and Views -- perhaps there is no better title for a trip to Scotland.

First of all, welcome to my very first blog post under the travel section. The reason why it took me a while before publishing any content under this section is that even up to this point, I am still struggling between whether this section should be more of a photography blog or an attraction-focused blog. Thus, it will be very nice of you if you could comment down below about your opinions on this. Anyway, I will start off this section with my visit to the only Sheepskin tannery in Scotland -- Skyeskyns.

Skyeskyns' workshop

Some background information about the place. Being a family-business established in 1983; it is the only Sheepskin tannery in Scotland, and one of the only two remaining tanneries in the UK! They now manufacture about 40 sheepskins per week, as well as other sheepskin products, such as wool garments, that are in finest quality that could hardly be found in other places.

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by one of the staffs at Skyeskyns with a free guided tour on how lambskins are manufactured. What's interesting is that the tannery still uses traditional methods such as a beam, paddles, racks and buffing wheel, horse and iron; as well as the lengthy hand finishing processes, in total of 14 stages, to produce finest quality of lambskins! This explains why only such limited amount of lambskins could be produced each week.

The showroom of Skyeskyns

But I would say, the most stunning part of Skyeskyns is their showroom above the workshop! I remember that shortly after I post an Instagram story of the showroom, a friend of mine actually asked whether this is the Airbnb I was staying at! To be fair, this is the kind of place I would like to spend time at after my retirement.

Enjoying the breathtaking view of Skye while laying on one of their lambskin products is perhaps one of the best moments of the journey. In fact, I was fascinated by the quality of their products, I actually brought home a caramel-colored lambskin! Now I could sit on my chair covered with the lambskin every day dreaming I am still looking at the view at Skye.

Be sure you check out Skyeskyns if you happened to travel to Isle of Skye! The service there is just as good as how it is described on the internet -- a 5 star attraction. Anyway, the following are some information about the place.


17 Lochbay, Waternish, Isle of Skye IV55 8GD

Opening hours

9.00am to 6.00pm from April - October

9.30am to 5.30pm from November - March

Once again guys, it would be great if you could comment down below to provide some opinions on how you want the travel section of IAMSHUFAJA to be like! Also, make sure you click here for part two of the series!


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