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Arkhé Collection reinterprets what essential garments ought to be for today's individual. Each piece is a dialogue between heritage artistry and contemporary design, as well as social norms and individual expression.


The Arkhé Chino - Type 1 features a dual-functioning belt loop mechanism to accommodate both belts and suspenders, with streamlined seam designs serving to enhance its functionality and strength. Each pair is fully hand-finished using Savile Row finishing techniques. It is finished with two hip and rear pockets, Reece 101 style buttonholes, and Ecuadorian corozo nut buttons.


Made up in 295 gsm cotton from Brisbane Moss, the chinos are ideal for year-round wear.


Handmade in Beijing, China.


For more information, check out the link here.

Arkhé Chino - Type 1

    • Reece 101 style buttonholes
    • Two hip and two rear pockets
    • Ecuadorian corozo nut buttons
    • Zip closure
    • 5cm turn-ups
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