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The Plexippus Cape is the first entry of our New Meanings collection, an ongoing initiative to rejuvenate pieces that have immense historical relevance with contemporary functionality in mind, while still employing traditional tailoring and crafting techniques.


The Plexippus Cape features an extraordinary amount of handwork. All hems and seams are hand-bound. The velvet facing is rolled and attached by hand, similar to how a lapel on a jacket would be attached; providing a natural drape and roll to the front of the garment, thus allowing the velvet to be displayed easily. The collar is interlined and connected with the bodice by hand. This ensures the weight from the fabric doesn't distort or pull on the collar.


Fabrics are sourced from Holland & Sherry. The outer shell fabric is made up of a deep navy wool overcoating cloth, weighing at around 840gsm (27oz). Close attention has been paid to ensure the cloth is neither too spongy nor stiff; as the former would lead to the cloth collapsing on itself, while the latter would restrain the wearer's ease of movement. The velvet weighs around 380gsm (12oz) and comes in sophisticated burgundy/ wine color. With velvet's extraordinary grip, the Plexippus cape can then be firmly fastened to the garment underneath; thus considerably reduces the likelihood of slippage.


Closely resembling a 3/4 circle cape, and indeed the Monarch butterfly (D. plexippus), the Plexippus Cape takes the best feature of a half and full-circle cape; reducing unnecessary weight and bulk for contemporary usage while lending itself more ways for styling.


Handmade by a single pair of hands in Beijing, China, with approximately 24 hours of handwork. Every Plexippus Cape comes with a Nakata AUT-05 hanger.


For more information, kindly visit this link.

Plexippus Cape

    • Approximately 24 hours of handwork
    • Fully hand-bound hems and seams
    • Hand-rolled and attached velvet facing
    • Hand-interlined collar
    • Closely resembling a 3/4 circle cape
    • Ample room in the bottom opening for movement
    • Stand collar
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