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Further payment of the boxes occurs from left to right (the box furthest from the inspector's chair is paid first). After our croupier performed a pleasant procedure of “hilling up” the shifted boxes, he revealed my cards (since I was sitting at the last box and it was necessary to start comparing combinations from me) and made sure that my pair of aces was weaker than his trio of queens, and folded the chips to the fleet casinosenligneca. I was just about to sympathize with my neighbor with a couple of kings, when - oh, miracle! His two kings multiplied, and there were three of them!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I saw his cards! And there were only two of them! How could this happen? In fact, the casket just opened. His friend, as I said before, had a small pair. She remained with him, only the king jumped from his box to the next one.