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Come to our First Black Tie Event in Hong Kong!

Attention Hong Kong-based readers!

As a continuation of our recent launch of the Black Tie Collection with La Bowtique and Arkhé Collection, we will be hosting our first-ever black tie cocktail event at Stockton in Central. It will be a great sartorial community get-together event — perhaps even the first occasion for everyone to don the black tie attire (optional) after Covid.

It will also function as a black tie-specific product showcase event, presenting brands that are not usually accessible from Hong Kong. This includes tailoring, footwear, and accessories from Gaziano Girling, Herr von Welt, La Bowtique, Tsai by Tsai, and, of course, from us.

Let's dive into the products more specifically.

Gaziano Girling, as internationally renowned as it is, not to mention with it having been extensively covered in our previous write-ups, requires little introduction.

For this occasion, we will be presenting their Northampton-made opera pumps (Lancaster), velvet slippers (Ronald), and wholecut patent leather oxfords (Cornwell).

The Cornwell is a ready-to-wear model, coming in KN14 Last with a single leather oak bark sole. The Ronald is a made-to-order model, though it will soon be offered as an RTW option as well. With MTM, you can customize your choice of colors for the velvet uppers, pipings, lining, and soles. It can also come with your own embroidery. Likewise, the opera pump comes as an MTM with the same level of customization as the MTM Ronald.

Herr von Welt is a German-based men's accessories shop, founded by Ralph Joseph and Andreas Thenhaus, that is perhaps best known for its boutonnières. Each of their boutonnières is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted in Germany using hand-dyed silk.

Similar to our ethos when we're designing our Silk Dupion Jacket - The Peak, Herr von Welt's boutonnières can very much be worn both under and outside black tie context. A simple yet effective touch for elevating any ensemble.

We have a limited amount of stock for you to try on at the event. They can also be purchased on the spot. Otherwise, you can also use the code 'TSM05' to receive a 5% off when purchasing their boutonnières directly from their site.

La Bowtique, given our recent launch together, perhaps also requires little introduction. Its handmade bow ties, with their carefully-considered proportions, are indisputably the world's finest, having already been enjoyed by Savile Row houses, major designer brands, and patrons worldwide.

We will be presenting a small collection of La Bowtique's ready-to-wear bow ties at the event. These can also be tried on and purchased on the spot as well.

We will also be carrying a small volume of Mickael's latest book, Modern Black Tie. As a 300+ page book written by arguably the world's most reputable black tie expert, it illustrates the many different ways black tie can be worn for different occasions, going much further than the traditional black tuxedo.

Tsai by Tsai may be a foreign name to some, yet this London-based accessories brand, founded by Taiwanese native Patricia Tsai, is not one to be missed.

For over 30 years, The Tsai family has been sourcing, cutting, and setting gemstones for some of the world's largest brands. However, they have always functioned as suppliers, not retailers with their own designs. With Patricia's increased involvement in designing a range of cufflinks and earrings for those who share similar tastes to hers, the family can finally offer their own products for the sartorial community. No longer Tsai by anyone else, this is Tsai by Tsai.

For the evening, we will be featuring Tsai by Tsai's latest Sterling silver vermeil cufflinks. We will also include a small quantity of their vermeil earrings. Both of these will be available for purchase on the spot as well.

Now, you may be wondering what vermeil means. “Vermeil” is a French term from the 19th century used to describe the centuries-old practice of gilding silver. Pieces made using this technique are significantly lighter than pure gold, more durable (as Sterling silver is less soft than gold, it is less prone to bending and scratching), and can come at a much more accessible price.

It is worth noting that there are some important differences between vermeil and the more common “gold-plated” items often found on the market. The first is the base metal. Vermeil is always gold plated onto Sterling silver, as supposed to cheaper metals like copper or brass.

The second is the thickness of the layer of gold applied — in fact, 5 times more gold is applied to vermeil pieces than to gold-plated. These differences mean you can be assured that your accessories will not tarnish or oxidize, not to mention the layer of gold will not rub away over time.

Definitely keep an eye out for them.

Last but not least, The Suitstainable Man will be featuring the Silk Dupion bow tie and cummerbund — both handmade by Mickael himself in London — alongside both of our Silk Dupion Jackets — The Notch and The Peak.

I will personally be wearing The Peak in Cream, while one other ‘The Peak’ jacket in Emerald Green and one ‘The Notch’ jacket in Bluebell will be on display. We will also feature our bunch book which contains more than 210 colorways of silk dupion at the event, for your peruse.

As usual, these are made-to-order pieces. We will be more than happy to measure you up and discuss ideas in person.

One final kind reminder. Please come with a picture of your Rapid Covid Test taken on the day of the event. It should contain both the day and time of the test, as well as your name.

Please kindly RSVP to when you can, as spaces are extremely limited. We will see you there!

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