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Linen - Key to summer suits

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

A while ago I was being asked by a friend whether I would still put on a suit during the hot and humid summer in Hong Kong. This gave me an inspiration on the topic that I would like to share with you all today -- linen suits.

Suit fabrics matters. In a place like Hong Kong which has a temperature of 35 degree celsius and a humidity of 90% in the summer, there is no way one could handle the heat with suits that are made with thicker and heavier materials.

Instead of regular suits that are made of different grades of wool or even flannels; I totally recommend you all to wear suits that are made with linen or a linen-cotton blended material.

This all goes back to the fact that since this fabric is much stronger than wool in general, linen fibre tends to allow for for a more open and breathable weave structure. Now you wouldn't need to worry about sweating inside while wearing a suit to work or a night out during summer.

So what color would I recommend for summer suits you may ask? I prefer lighter color suits for the summer because it traps less heat than suits with darker colors. Thus cream and sky-blue are my favorite colors for summer suits.

Nonetheless, if you happen to be getting the suit to wear it in a more casual occasion, I would definitely recommend a cream suit as it would give you more character.

As you could see from the picture, I am wearing a cream double-breasted suit from Suit Supply. This piece of garment from its SS18 campaign is a very versatile piece.

One of the ways to wear this suit is to match it with a white shirt and a brown tie, along with a pair of brown loafers like what I am wearing in the picture above.

Alternatively, you could pair it with a light-blue shirt and a cream paisley tie to give the whole outfit a little bit more character.

What I particularly like about this suit is that you can mix and match with a great variety of garments as well. For the jacket, I would highly recommend you to match it with white or light-blue chinos for a more casual-look. On the other hand for the trousers, I would suggest pairing it with polo shirts.

Do you like how I match the outfit? Comment down below to share your thoughts!

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zatara wood
zatara wood

what do you think of linen/silk/wool blends? Usually the Italian mills produce these mixes in a roughly third each blend. Do these compare well with linen?

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