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My Country Look: Suede Jacket

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Functionality matters. Even the legendary Tom Ford himself once said, "I have a city look, and I have a country look." Regardless how much I love being in my suits, I would never put on a blazer, let alone a suit, when I am in the country. Introducing the solution -- suede jackets.

Unfortunately, suede jackets tend to have a bad reputation among men. Many men pay respect to the beauty of suede jackets but often end up avoiding purchasing a suede jacket because of its fragile nature.

Without doubt, I wouldn't say it is a good idea to put on a suede jacket in a stormy or even snowy weather. But so does any other jackets; no jackets should be tortured with excessive rain or snow even if it is waterproof.

What's more important in this question is actually whether the suede jacket is a well-constructed one. Believe it or not, a good suede jacket could in fact sustain from small amount of rain and recover quickly. Given the additional protection of suede-protecting sprays, suede jackets could be even more resistible.

Featuring in the photos is Dunhill's Suede Shirt Jacket from its SS18 campaign.

Simple and timeless, this suede jacket from Dunhill could pretty much used for enhancing your overall country look or matched with a pair of grey dress pants and a pair of brown leather shoes for a more dressed-down city look.

In general, suede jacket is a versatile and masculine piece to add to your wardrobe.

I am currently traveling around Scottish Highlands, particularly Isle of Skye.

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