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The Shirt and Tie Survey

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Announcing today at The Suitstainable Man is our very first survey The Shirt and Tie Survey.

This is something I have always wanted to do but had never come to a meaningful conclusion on what's the best way to execute it.


Alright, so why the survey? Two main reasons, really.

First of all, the most straightforward answer is that I am interested in your thoughts and approaches to classic menswear, particularly with shirts and ties.

The Suitstainable Man was originally called IAMShufaja, where I used to share personal tasting and travel experience, as well as stories from my sartorial adventure.

As such, a number of the write-ups from thereafter, and even til this day, are somewhat based on my personal, if not subjective, experience. This is, perhaps, the case even for a relatively recent article like 'Getting the right tie length - revised'.

Needless to say, acquiring information from surveys, including the one I am announcing today, helps provide a more objective voice on some of the topics that could be better off approached from a quantitative angle, rather than a qualitative one.

This also helps decentralizing myself from the conversation too.

This leads to my second point.

A part of the reason why I prefer to decentralize myself from my work lately is that it better helps my narrative of promoting both social and environmental sustainability through smart consumer choices, among other approaches.

Not long ago, I was in discussion with a few fashion sustainability researchers and consultants that whilst it's important that big retailers need to change, consumers are the pivotal piece of the puzzle that would truly drive any meaningful and significant changes to the industry.

In layman's term, while my voice alone may just be throwing straws against the wind, responses of yours as a whole could form concrete and valuable opinions that encourage brands, large or small, to produce better and more fitting garments; be it just a tie with a reasonable length.

In any case, I will be extremely grateful if you could take 2-3 minutes to finish this 10 questions-long survey, available here.

The questions are fairly simple to answer, perhaps only with the exception of the second-last question ― 'What is the ratio of shirts you own in relation to ties?'

Finally, feel free to send me a note, either via email or Instagram, if you have any questions or feedback for this survey.

Take care, and bye for now.