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How to Dress for Internships?

It is the time of the year when summer internship programmes begin again. Whether you have started working already, or are about to start working soon, or maybe still looking for an internship role; it is very important of you to pay attention to what you should wear to work.

In today's blog post, I will be sharing some advice on what I think you should wear for your internship role, as well as how it could improve your work performance to some extent.

(1) Learn how to mix-and-match different suit pieces!

To begin with, what you wear for your internship truly depends on what kind of working environment you are at. However, I assume if you are reading this, you are at least required to dress at a minimum of business casual attire.

While I must admit some working environments, such as investment banks or law firms, may allow less creativity on what you could wear; you are usually not required to wear a full-suit to work for most industries. That is why it is very crucial for you to learn how to mix-and-match different suit pieces. You could create much more outfits than just wearing them by themselves.

Thus, the first two suits I recommend you to get are a navy-suit and a grey-suit. As demonstrated above, I am pairing a grey jacket from a three-piece Prince of Wales patterned suit with a true blue trousers. While you could clearly see it is not as formal as wearing a full-suit, it still fits most working environments perfectly by giving a professional look.

(2) Get three-piece suits instead!

This leads to my second point -- get three-piece suits. In order to create most outfits possible, you should always get three-piece suits rather than two-piece suits. Instead of wearing the jacket with the trousers all the time; you now have the option to just wear the waistcoat with the trousers, particularly a good idea for hot summer days.

One of my favorite outfits for summer days is to actually match the jacket and the waistcoat with a pair of white chinos as demonstrated above. While it is definitely not as formal as wearing the full-suit, it is very extremely elegant and I would totally recommend you to try that as well.

(3) Don't be afraid to accessorize yourself!

As they always say "first impression defines 70% of what one thinks you are already," it is very critical of you to stand out on the first day of work. Whether it is something like a panama hat or your signature cologne, it is always a good idea to put that on in order to give your colleagues the best impression of yourself.

I recall receiving quite a few compliments for wearing some of my favorite accessories from my colleagues, ranging from my signature cologne from Atelier Cologne or my one-of-a-kind Damascus-steel ring. Thusly, if you still haven't owned your significant accessory, this is the time you look for one.

(4) Be confident in what you wear!

Finally, the most important point -- be confident in what you wear! At the end of the day, regardless of what you wear, you should always be confident and comfortable about it. No matter how well-dressed you are; if you are not confident about wearing your outfit, you would always look artificial and people would think you are pretending to be something else.

In contrary, as long as you are confident about what you are wearing; regardless how different you dress from your colleagues, you would still give an image that you are reliable and well-aware of what you are doing. As a matter of fact, this is actually how my boss responded when someone asked why I am dressing up even after work.

I hope everyone is having a great time enjoying their internship roles. For those who are still looking for the right positions, you would definitely get there soon! Happy summer holiday.



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