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The Suitstainable Man is teaming up with Nakata Hanger to offer our own exclusive model of the Japanese manufacturer's best-selling suit hanger, the AUT-05. 


The hanger is hand-stained and planed in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. The hanger is single-jointed and composed of luxury European beechwood, allowing it to last a lifetime. Its contours are made to mimic the human neck and shoulder line, thus preserving the integrity of your jacket even at rest.


The trouser bar is felt half-lined and comes in one of the largest diameters available on the market: 1.5cm. This additional thickness minimizes trouser slippage, as well as prevents unwanted creases at the mid-thigh of your trouser.


The polished steel hooks are 360 degrees rotatable, allowing the hanger to face any direction.


Our logo is laser-engraved and color-filled locally by our good friends at Arterton, in their state-of-the-art CADCAM facility.

Suit Hanger

    • 400-460mm
    • Shoulder thickness is 57mm at the widest point
    • Fully-rotatable hanger hook
    • Polished steel hardware
    • Felted trouser bar diameter of 1.5cm
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