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Nakata Hanger

Making the finest hangers in the world since 1946, Nakata Hanger are in a constant pursuance for excellence. They are ever perfecting their woodworking skills which create the shape of hangers and painting skills which offer an addition edge of expressions to their products. Their craftsman always check the hardness, texture, and wood grains of each piece of wood to ensure their hangers come with a natural finish.


European Beechwood

Nakata Hanger utilize the best beech wood from Europe for their hangers, given their moderate hardness and stability. When polished carefully, beech offers a smooth finish that is unmatched by other materials.


Form-fitting Contour

Your well-made garments deserve the best treatment. The contours of each Nakata suit hanger are sculpted to match the human neck and shoulder line, thus preventing any damage caused by unnecessary fabric wear.

Foggy Forest

Environmental Commitment

Make no mistake. Nakata Hanger only purchase wood that is managed under strict rules of planned logging. Edge materials left from making a hanger are used to make a trouser hanger, ensuring the effective use of natural resources.

Our Nakata Hanger Products

Handmaking Nakata Hangers
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